“Book Your Visit Today to Experience Summer on Replay”

What better way to quickly become the envy of all of your friends and relatives, than to bask in the So-Cal weather in the middle of winter? While snow is falling elsewhere, as you probably already know, we get to enjoy close to 80 degree temperatures practically all year long.  With great weather and a beautiful location, it is easy to understand why San Diego has been regarded by many as an active and healthy community as well. From water sports to hiking in the pristine mountains, you will have a bevy of options to choose from to not only make your winter a warm one, but a healthy one as well.

With the rich indulgence of Thanksgiving behind us, burning off those extra calories just might be what you have in mind. And if you haven’t already done so, why not get a jump start on your health and well-being before the New Year begins? Taking full advantage of our climate can not only make that transition an easy one, but it can also be a lot of fun as well.

Excercise 5Take for example, a local favorite, Sunset Cliffs, which is a beach hiking trail that will absolutely take your breath away. If the ocean breeze doesn’t revitalize your senses and appreciation for nature, then the panoramic views of the pounding surf and the setting sun under the horizon definitely will.

And what would a rejuvenating time away be without some healthy, (but tasty) cuisine? While Hillcrest is already quite a culinary melting-pot from all American meals to delightful Thai food, your options can still be expanded to reach any health-food fanatic’s standards. Take FITzee Foods for example. This is a one of its kind retailer that creates freshly made, pre-portioned, gourmet health meals that promise to satisfy every palate.

From delicious good-for-you foods to frolicking along our gorgeous coasts, it’s plain to see that your fun here will have practically no limitations.  So, cue the sunshine! We know you’ve got some summer time celebrations to put on repeat this winter season.