“Enjoy December Here Where Outdoor Fun is Always in Season”

Excercise 4Unlike most parts of the country during the winter, in San Diego we get to enjoy a different kind of Santa in December, as in our glorious Santa Ana weather. The months of September through February bring warm winds from the deserts that are locally called, “Santa Anas.”


Just to give you a better idea, this year’s Thanksgiving forecast called for temperatures in the 80s! So instead of shoveling snow from your driveway, it would probably be a no brainer to suggest that you come and enjoy a cocktail (or beverage of your choice) while lounging at one of our lovely beaches. And there are plenty of places to enjoy the sand and the waves, from getting your tan on at Coronado Central beach to trekking through Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.Excercise 2


Speaking of cocktails, we would be remiss if we didn’t inform or at least remind you that San Diego is considered the Craft Beer Capital of America. Now that’s something to toast to! But, we’ll even take it a step farther and let you know about Hoppy Yoga. What is that you ask? Well it’s when yoga and beer literally come together in a unique marriage of “health” and “hops” so to speak.  The Hoppy Yoga instructors travel throughout the city hosting yoga classes at various breweries throughout. The classes are geared towards all levels—from first-timers to experienced practitioners.


And if on the off chance you just happen to be missing the snow or simply want a break from the city, you can always drive up to the quaint town of Julian for a fresh apple pie and smell of the aromatic pine trees.


Whether you’re getting your workout and social hour on simultaneously or if you’d still like to experience a piece of the cooler temperatures of home; climate wise, we’ve pretty much got you covered—just more in sunshine than sleet or rain.New Year 2